Does Your Elderly Loved One Need Extra Help Running Errands?

Senior Care in Boca Grande FL

Senior Care in Boca Grande FLGradually you may start to find that your elderly loved one is running fewer and fewer of her own errands. She may ask for help, but she’s just as likely to simply stop running those errands and let them pile up or fall by the wayside. It’s important to find a solution for her that works.

Run them for Her

The most obvious solution, of course, is to start running your loved one’s errands for her. This may be something that you can do easily, especially if your errands tend to overlap with hers. If you have other responsibilities that pull you away, however, it may be difficult for your to be able to handle all of your loved one’s errands on your own.

Look to Other Family Members

Another solution is to break up your loved one’s errands and find out if other family members are able to handle some of them for you. This is a great way for other family members to help when they want to be of assistance but really aren’t sure what they can do. They may even be able to take over these tasks regularly for your elderly loved one.

Enlist the Help of Friends and Neighbors

There may also be friends and neighbors who are eager to help your elderly loved one. Some of those errands may be smaller ones, such as picking up an item or two at the grocery store when they’re already going to be there. If a friend or neighbor is offering to help, try starting out with a small errand or two and see if that works for both of you.

Hire Senior Care Providers

Hiring senior care providers to help your loved one run her errands helps your loved one to preserve some of her own independence. She’s able to run errands but she has someone with her, so that gives you a bit of peace of mind. You know that she’s in good hands while she’s out and about as opposed to being completely on her own.

Finding a solution for your loved one’s trouble running errands before the tasks become impossible for her can help your loved one to thrive at home.

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